Monday, February 7, 2011

My Favorite Special Star Wars Items

With the recent move I've been going through I've been forced to sort through my things and make the hard decisions about what I want to keep, what I have the room to keep, what I can afford to keep, and what I am fine with parting with. It hasn't been easy, but I've already decided that if it's Star Wars related then it absolutely is staying. I'm not sure if that will work 100%, but I'm definitely trying to hold on to as much of my Star Wars stuff as possible. But since I'm going through all my things I thought I'd share some of my favorite personal things and why they're so important to me. They probably won't mean much to anyone else, but they're important to me and that's why it warrants a blog post.

The first thing I'd like to share is my buy'ce; that's Mando'a for helmet. It may seem like nothing special, but it's important to me because it was the first step I took towards making my armor and it's so symbolic of Mandalorians since it's the first thing anyone thinks of when Mandalorians are mentioned. I bought it off Ebay and I haven't done any changes to the colors of it because it already had the colors I wanted and is very well painted with the battle damage.

My friend at the University of Vermont gave this to me at the end of his first year there (my second). He lived next to me and I had a lot of fun having him as my neighbor. I dubbed him my 'little brother' because we are both only children, but if I could choose anyone as my sibling, it would be him. It was always fun to talking about Star Wars and all the other dorky things we had in common. This little AT-AT used to be a remote controlled walker, but now it will always have a safe place in my Star Wars collection.

This, as you know if you've read my previous post, is my Star Wars Christmas tree. Each year my mom buys me a few Hallmark Star Wars ornaments and over the years my tree has grown significantly. It used to be a small 3ft tree and has expanded to a 5ft tree, and within the next year or two will likely have to an even bigger tree! Or not since it probably won't fit in the apartment... Anyway, my mom thinks I don't appreciate the ornaments she gets me, but they are all some of my most favorite things of Star Wars that I own.

And here we have my absolutely positively favorite and most special Star Wars thing that I own. There's a good story behind this one. My mom sent Karen Traviss an email sometime before my 20th birthday, asking how to get an autograph and where to send either a check or money order. Well, she got a fairly speedy response saying that as soon as she made it back to England (she was stuck in the US due to the volcano that was erupting and stopping all kinds of flights to Europe) she would send along a book. It arrived soon afterwards, without my mom sending any kind of payment, along with an email from Karen in response to my mom saying that it was her birthday present to me. It means a lot to me because my mom spent the time figuring out a way to get a signed book for me, and because Karen Traviss saw fit to send me a signed book all the way from England.

I admit that I have quite a lot of Star Wars stuff, but only these handful of things are my most prized Star Wars possessions. Like I said, they probably won't mean much to anyone else, but they matter to me and that's why I had fun writing this post. I'm sure other collectors and Star Wars fans have their favorite things they've collected, and it would be really cool to hear from anyone else with unique memories.

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