Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Computer Wallpaper Backgrounds

I'm a picture hoarder. There, I've said it. (Or typed it. Whatever.) Feels good to be open about it. I love collecting pictures. And not just any pictures, usually Star Wars related, though as I go through my various phases and switch my computer background it can go from Star Wars to anything like Battlestar Galactica, Mandalorians, Stargate Atlantis, Burn Notice, White Collar or even just a picture of my dog.

Usually when I want to switch my computer background I just open a new tab, hop on over to Google and do a search for what I want. Then I select large images only. After all, I want my computer background to be sharp, not pixelated. As my computer resolutions have gone higher this has gotten harder.

Hence the purpose of this post. Every so often, if I can't find what I want I go ahead and make it. Now, I don't know how to use anything fancy like photoshop (as if I could afford it), so I'm stuck using the wonderful MS Paint. I've used Paint for as long as I've had a computer that came with it. We've never been exactly friends, but we talk every so often, and over the years we've warmed up to each other.

The other day I felt in the mood so after some brief catching up with Paint (so much has changed since XP, and now that Paint is on 7 I feel like we're a little closer to being friends) I went ahead and created this:

I hope everyone likes it! Here are some others that I've created over the years. It's not all of them, not by a long shot, but these are the only ones that came to mind and that I easily found in the bowels of my computer's memory.

I made this one using still frames from the trailer for Revenge of the Sith. Also gives an indication of just how old this one is.

This one similarly used stills from the trailer.

And this one is obviously not Star Wars related. I made this one before the final season of Battlestar Galactica, just after it was revealed who the Final Four were. Again, made with Paint or else it probably would have been much nicer.

If you like them then by all means, go ahead and use them for your own computer. If you want the original images (since these sizes are way off) just let me know in the comments section and I'll send over the original image. Just please give me what little credit I deserve if you feel like using these anywhere else on the web. It's not much to ask.

Otherwise, enjoy! And maybe if I make more or find more I'll go ahead and put some more images up.

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