Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Moving to Coruscant

This week marked the start of my third full week here at the apartment in New York City. The first wasn't too bad even though my dad and I were both sleeping on air mattresses and there was basically no furniture in the entire place. It looked pretty much like this:

The living room
And this:
Door to my room/living room
So it wasn't exactly what one would consider livable. The second week was even more annoying. We were supposed to have moved in my real bed but didn't. The problem with that is that the heat turns off every night from midnight to 5am. I woke up cold at least once every night from sleeping on top of the cold air mattress. That also meant I didn't have my dog because she would have turned into a popsicle. On top of that we STILL had no internet service because the modem was having some weird problems and someone had to come look at it twice before we had working internet. It only just got fixed yesterday.

However, my room now looks like this:

complete with dog and Star Wars blanket
It promises to be an interesting week since it's my dog's first time here, and she'll have to spend a few hours alone each day in an unfamiliar place and I know it's going to be very stressful for her. I just hope it doesn't take her too long to adjust.

Also, my dad is not really a dog person. He doesn't know how to read dog body language, even really obvious ones like 'rub my belly'. I don't know how well they'll get along, but I'm not too worried about my dog with him. She'll pretty much ignore him if necessary, it's just going to be a matter of how annoyed he gets with dog toys laying all over the floor. Plus, he's used to living with another dog and know he's going to expect my dog to act like that one. Which obviously she won't. That's like expecting two different people raised in different environments to act the same way. Whatever. As long as he doesn't give me a hard time about her everything should go smoothly.

I guess next week I'll put up another update, and maybe some interesting stories about living in NYC!

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