Stuff I Make: Product and Pricing Page

This page is a compilation of all the things that I make that I am selling. If you're interested in buying anything shown here shoot me an email at:

I accept PayPal or money orders, and whatever you order will be shipped as soon as possible after receiving payment. Shipping on any order is $3.00. International shipping can be arranged but I will have to see what the price increase would be depending on where I'm shipping to. If you order more than one item then the shipping will be combined.

The following are pictures of t-shirt tote bags I made. Each tote is $12.00.

I also make bead bracelets. Each bracelet is about 8.5" - 9" (21.5CM - 23CM) long. Each bracelet is priced at $5.00. I am still making new bracelets and new designs so check back often for updated pictures!

Light blue pattern

Green pattern

Red, white and blue pattern

Red, black and white plaid

Red and black plaid

Piano bracelet
Star Wars bracelet
Red pattern
Black and teal zig zag
Frosted white and ruby red chevron

Frosted white and teal chevron

Frosted gray and teal design

Frosted gray and ruby red design

Frosted white and frosted gray chevron

Red hearts

Hematite and frosted white chevron

Light blue and black zig zags

Dark bronze and orange stripes