Friday, October 21, 2011

Update: Amy Pond Cosplay/Costumes

I've been looking forward to Halloween more this year than I have in quite some time. The reason for that is because I'm crazy excited about being pirate Amy Pond this year.

It's a bit unusual for me because I never wear skirts. As in I can count on one hand the number of times I've worn a skirt in recent memory. However, Amy is just such an awesome pirate and it's a fun costume that I couldn't resist.

I started putting my costume together by looking at the easiest things for me to find by walking into my local mall. The pink tights I picked up on sale for $5 at Macy's. These are the closest I was able to find of them online, I don't remember if it's the same brand or not but there ya go if you're interested.

I already had a pair of boots similar to Amy's, although according to a site I found online if you're looking to be specific they are Dr Martens Triumph 1914 dark brown boots. I know Amy's are brown, but short of scrounging up some money to buy yet another pair of boots these are what I'm using:

Yes it's completely likely that sometime in the future I will save up and get the Dr Martens like Amy has. Because I'm picky like that.

The skirt was the easiest thing for me to find. I simply walked into my local American Eagle store at the mall and tried on the first denim skirt I saw. When it fit I had no trouble convincing my mom to get it for me. She considered it a kind of historic occasion; the first skirt I actually WANTED to be purchased and that I planned on wearing of my own free will. She said she's going to build some sort of shrine to Amy in thanks. Funny, my mother is.

From there I went to the internet to try to find Amy's shirt. It's arguably the toughest thing to find a good match. The first site I went to had an awesome shirt that I think matched it perfectly. So I did the natural thing, checked the size chart and purchased the shirt. A few days later I received an email saying they are out of the size I ordered and I should expect a refund in a few days. Needless to say I was quite annoyed. I then spent another few hours online searching for a similar shirt. Thanks to I was successful with a men's shirt but I purchased it anyway, taking comfort in knowing my mom can make any alterations to it that I need if it didn't fit.

The hat was also surprisingly easy to find. I had to go to Party City with my cousins for their Halloween costumes and I found an excellent hat while I was there. It's brown but I plan to cover it with black felt and get some gold trim to make it look like Amy's.

That leaves the coat. Fortunately for me my mom has made pretty much every single one of my costumes since I was a baby so she knows her way around the sewing machine and patterns and all that other stuff I have no idea how to do. For the pattern we went to our local craft store, in this case Jo-ann's fabric store, and picked up the pattern Simplicity # 3677. I know there will some small things she'll have to change in order to make it look more like Amy's; these include the pockets and adjusting how many buttons the pattern calls for. In some pictures I counted there are 20 buttons on Amy's front, and 5 on each sleeve bringing the total number of buttons needed to 30.

Right now the coat is still in production, but when it's finished this weekend I plan on devoting an entire blog post to how my mom put it together complete with pictures.

The only thing left is I have to make another trip to Party City this weekend to pick up a sword and I'll be finished with my costume! I know Amy wears this sort of leather sash with her costume but I ran low on funds so I'm not going to bother with it, but I'll probably make one in the future in case I plan on wearing my costume to conventions or anything.

As soon as the whole thing is finished there will be pictures. Is it Halloween yet?


  1. This sound good. Are you going to post any pics of the costum?

    P.S. I follow your blog.

  2. Thanks so much for following! Yes, as soon as the whole thing is done I'll post pictures of it and probably a few pictures of me wearing it. :)

  3. I can't wait to see the costume! I bet it is going to look great! :D