The Doctor's Rules

While watching "Let's Kill Hitler" it occurred to me that the Doctor actually seems to have a list of rules. He even mentions it in "A Good Man Goes to War" when he says, "now is not that time to find out why I have so many." This is evidenced by the fact that in "Let's Kill Hitler" he mentions rule 408. He's lived a long time, he's had plenty of time to compile a list. Which made me think that for our own purposes I'd compile a list of the rules for reference. As the episodes continue I'll keep the list updated if we get more rules, but for now it's just the ones mentioned in "Let's Kill Hitler".

Doctor’s Rules:

Rule 1: The Doctor Lies.
Rule 7: Never run when you’re scared.
Rule 27: Never knowingly be serious.
Rule 408: Time is not the boss of you.

Sort of an unofficial 'rule 1' from the Tenth Doctor is "don't wander off". Thought that was worth mentioning.