Friday, August 26, 2011

Amy Pond cosplay/costumes

As the new season of Doctor Who approaches (tomorrow night, yay!) I've been going back and trying to find things to wear that would pass as what Amy Pond wears in the episodes. Mostly I've been focusing on her pirate outfit she wears in "Curse of the Black Spot" because I plan on wearing that for Halloween. I mean, come on, Amy Pond + Pirate = best ever.

I've also spent some time recently searching for the pair of blue Converse sneakers Amy wears in "The Time of Angels" in season 5. I managed to pick those up at the mall. Fortunately, Converse sneakers are pretty popular still so it's not a big problem to find the ones I want. I'm a huge fan of those sneakers in general anyway so it's fun to wear some that Amy has. Even if I'm the only one that knows I'm technically copying a fictional hero of mine.

Also, thanks an awesome blog I found, I was able to figure out where to get the hoodie she wears in this episode as well! I would never have thought to check out but I was able to buy the hoodie the other night for only $30! It halfway makes me want to do this outfit for Halloween, but I have my heart set on wielding a sword this October. Plus I already found a pattern that my mom will use to make me the coat. I've got plenty of time until October, but I love working on costumes, and maybe I can wear it to a convention sometime soon!


  1. May I ask where you found the pattern for the coat? I'm planning on being Pirate Pond for Halloween this year as well and haven't found a good pattern to make my own coat with yet.

  2. Sure! I meant to put the pattern number in the post and somehow it got left out. I went to my local craft store/fabric store to look for patterns. The one I'm using is Simplicity # 3677. My mom is going to modify it slightly at the pockets to match Amy's but otherwise it's a pretty darn close lookalike for a costume! Good luck with it!