Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crazy Animals

I have three animals. As mentioned in my page about them, I have Guy the cockatiel, Saphira the lovebird and Kara Reiko, the pekingese/shih tzu mix. I've had Guy since I was 10 years old and she's smart enough to realize that when she hears the sound of the garage door opening that means someone is coming home and she gets excited and has a very distinct squawk for when this occurs. Before I got Kara it was always nice to come home to those squawks, and now it's nice to come home to both the squawks and Kara waiting at the door for me to come in.

The funny part is, according to my mom (since I'm usually the one coming in from outside so I don't witness it first hand) that Kara has obviously learned Guy's squawk because on occasion Guy will sound the alert of someone returning to the house before Kara notices. And the funnier part? Guy has caught on to the fact that Kara knows her 'someone is coming' squawk. So, according to my mom, every now and then, just for kicks, Guy will sound the alarm and Kara will run to the door. Except no one will come. I say Guy is doing it on purpose so she and Saphira can get a few chuckles at the dog. Especially since Guy never used to sound off false alarms until Kara showed up.

Anyone who doesn't have pets might not believe me, but I'm sure someone out there has some funny stories about how their pets interact. If you do, I'd love to hear them!

As a side note, my birds are smart, but they are not talented. At least, not like this bird. I wish I knew how to teach them this!

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