Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Delayed posts

Over the weekend my area of Long Island got fairly well pounded by hurricane Irene. There were evacuations in nearby areas that were only 5 minutes away from my house. All the local businesses closed up early on Saturday and many of them boarded up their windows in preparation of the storm.

The winds started up by Saturday afternoon but it didn't get bad until late at night and most of Sunday. Fortunately our power held out long enough to watch "Let's Kill Hitler". I was already into watching it a second time at midnight when the power went out at 12:45am. Sunday I was able to go to a friend's house and charge my phone and my mom's phone so we were ready in case the power didn't come back for a while. While I was at her house I checked the LIPA site and found that nearly half of Long Island had lost power.

Luckily, most of the trees in our yard stayed standing, and this was the worst that happened:

Other areas obviously had it much worse. When I was at my friend's house on Sunday we took a drive over to one of the local beaches to take a look at how bad it was.

And here's a video so you can get an idea of the flooding and just how windy it still was on Sunday. My friend and I were nearly knocked over numerous times just by standing near the water!

I had my dad pick me up on Monday so I could be ready for classes this week. Fortunately my class on Monday was cancelled so I didn't miss anything. When I left my house around 7:30pm on Monday my block still had no power.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is sort of an apology. I meant to write up a review of "Let's Kill Hitler" over the weekend to have it up by Monday morning, but that obviously didn't happen. I'll have it up and ready to go by Wednesday, though so be sure to check back for it! As a preview of what I thought, here's a good picture to sum it up. This was pretty much my face during most of the episode and afterwards:

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