Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Great Baby Names for Nerdy/Dorky Parents

I for one already know I don't plan on having kids but since I have to come up with names for my characters in the stories I write I find myself going to baby name sites in search of unique or cool sounding names for my characters. There are even a couple that if, BIG if, I were to have kids I would think about bestowing upon my offspring. I'm not talking about the super dorks out there that decide to name their kid Boba or Tiberius or Xavier. I'm talking about the names that are actually standard names for kids but also have a dorky reference to them if you're a big enough nerd to notice or the names that are obscure enough to avoid ridicule.

This child already looks tormented

 So, for those parents who actually want their kid to have a social life (something their parents might never have experienced first hand) I thought I'd compile a list of good baby boy and baby girl names that will keep said child from being teased for their entire life.

Boy Names

Gavin- I've loved this name ever since Gavin Darklighter joined Rogue Squadron
Lucas- We all know why this is on the list
Wes- I've met a few people online with this name, and there's nothing wrong with naming a kid for a jokester fighter pilot
Jacen- Most people will think it's spelled Jason and won't question the spelling or associate it with the psychopathic Solo boy
Malcolm- You can call him Mal (Bad. In the Latin.) and hope he grows up to be a pirate with morals and dashing good looks

Girl Names

Logan- Yes, can also be a boy's name but I like it for a girl and she never has to know she shares a name with a burly mutant until she's of age to watch X-men
Teyla- Ok, maybe not exactly a common name unless you're from the Pegasus galaxy, but who needs to know? It's a pretty name
Kaylee- It's cute and warm sounding and makes me think of fresh strawberries
Jean- Fairly common but I think a child would appreciate the anonymity since that's why Jean Grey fought for in the first movie, no?
Inara- Just keep your kid away from Vegas and hope that being a Companion doesn't become an actual career choice

And finally, to wrap up the list and make sure we're clear on acceptable and unacceptable names I thought I'd put up a list of unacceptable names. At least if you want your kid to avoid serious taunting from fellow students. They will appreciate your restraint in the end.

Unacceptable Names


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