Monday, February 14, 2011


Mandalorians are surprisingly unconcerned with biological lineage. Their definition of offspring or parent is more by relationship than birth: adoption is extremely common, and it’s not unusual for soldiers to take war orphans as their sons or daughters if they impress them with their aggression and tenacity. They also seem tolerant of marital infidelity during long separations, as long as any child resulting from it is raised by them. Mandalorians define themselves by culture and behavior alone. It is an affinity with key expressions of this culture- loyalty, strong self-identity, emphasis on physical endurance and discipline- that causes some ethnic groups such as those of Concord Dawn in particular to gravitate toward Mandalorian communities, thereby reinforcing a common set of genes derived from a wide range of populations. The instinct to be a protective parent is especially dominant. They have accidentally bred for a family-oriented warrior population, and continue to reinforce it by absorbing like-minded individuals and groups.

- Mandalorians: Identity and Its Influence on Genome published by the Galactic Institute of Anthropology

Star Wars: Republic Commando Triple Zero

Karen Traviss

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