Friday, February 25, 2011

AMNH Dinosaur Tweetup

Today is a special day so it'll be one of those times I feel it's necessary to have more than one post a day.

I just read a post on Facebook from the American Museum of Natural History about a Dinosaur Tweetup. There's more details here (and a registration page):

For those wondering, what is a dinosaur tweetup? Well, the museum says that it's a chance to go to the museum after hours, see the exhibits and meet paleontologists! My inner child is crazy excited. When I was younger (oh, about 10 years ago) I swore I was going to be a paleontologist. I still have shelves of dinosaurs books at home ranging from "Walking with Dinosaurs" to other books specific to certain time periods and the dinosaurs that lived during that time. I had a kit that had a block of hard dirt with a fossil inside and I took it out onto the porch during the summer and would spend hours carefully picking it apart to get to the fossil inside, pretending that I was in some desert somewhere with a team of paleontologists discovering new dinosaur bones. Yes, I was a dork even back then.

Although I may have changed my career choice, I still find dinosaurs fascinating and every so often feel the need to watch my "Walking with Dinosaurs" BBC DVD set. Whenever I go to the American Museum of Natural History my favorite exhibits are and always be the dinosaurs. I practically lived at that museum growing up but whenever I go I still feel like I learn something new and it's always exciting to go. One of my favorite things about now living in the city is that I'm now much closer and it's easier to go to the museum. In fact, I just went there with my friend yesterday, and later this week I'll put up a post with pictures about what we did while we were there.

Anyway, back to the Dinosaur Tweetup... *crosses fingers* Here's hoping my name gets picked to go!

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