Friday, February 4, 2011

Top 5 Star Wars Books

Lately it seems that the latest Star Wars books to come out have been part of major series such as the New Jedi Order, Legacy of the Force or Fate of the Jedi. I do like having larger story arcs to read about, but when I first started reading the books it seemed that the series were outnumbered by how many individual stories there were, and in a lot of ways I preferred that. It was easy to read one story, enjoy it and be done rather than wait for the next book to come out to complete the story, or deal with the awkwardness that sometimes comes along with switching authors in a series. This problem mostly went hand in hand with the New Jedi Order and they seem to be smoothing it out with Legacy of the Force and Fate of the Jedi. But I thought I'd put up a list of stand alone books that I really enjoyed. It's really a celebration of all the really great books that are out there that don't belong in really long complicated book series. So here's my list of 5 really very good books. In no particular order. 5 was a nice small number to work with for this post, but if anyone has others that they liked, leave them in the comments!

  1. Tatooine Ghost - One of my favorite things about this book was that it was mainly centered around the relationship between Han and Leia. It takes place right after The Courtship of Princess Leia and is a very touching view of how Leia comes to terms with Anakin Skywalker being her father and preparing herself to start a family with Han. And it's a book by Troy Denning that doesn't involve the deaths of any Solo men, bonus!
  2. Shadows of the Empire - This was the first Star Wars novel that I ever read and to this day it remains a favorite. It's a basic adventure story with the center of it being how hard it is for the characters while they try to figure out how to rescue Han. Plus, we get introduced to one of my favorite scoundrels, Dash Rendar. This was also a really fun video game on N64.
  3. Survivor's Quest - According to the Wikipedia article it's part of Timothy Zahn's Thrawn series, but it didn't always feel like part of a series to me. Sure it had the vague ties to Thrawn and that whole mess but I always liked how this book focused on the new marriage between Luke and Mara. To me that was the core of this story more than any ties to Thrawn's legacy.
  4. The Courtship of Princess Leia - I count this book right up there with the Thrawn Trilogy in terms of classic Star Wars books. It had such an original story and gave us characters that are still considered the height of awesome; the Nightsisters. And what lonely Star Wars nerd can ignore such a 'romantic' story as this one? 
  5. I, Jedi - Michael A. Stackpole never made it on to my list of favorite authors (however temporary that position might have been for authors like Kevin J. Anderson) but I had to admit that I really did like this book a lot. It really did a good job of introducing Corran Horn as a respectable Jedi and not just any old X-wing fighter pilot that just so happened to have the Force. Not to mention it is such a classic "damsel-in-distress" story, even if Mirax is anything but. Another thing that set it apart was the fact that it's the only Star Wars book to be written in the first person perspective. That's probably why it was such a good way to get to know and be comfortable with Corran's character.

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