Friday, October 28, 2011

Completed Pirate Amy Pond costume

And here it is! This post got a little bit delayed because my mom took some extra time to do some last minute details to the coat, and my shirt needed to be hemmed because it's a men's shirt. But it's finally finished!

So there's me and my costume. I love that without the pirate hat, coat and sword I can pretty much wear this to class. Which I am doing today.

Also, I bought a $5 wig so here's how it looks.

Considering how beautiful Karen Gillan's hair is at all times in this show I'm not sure how I feel about the wig. I might just wear my hair loose. Either way, after a long anticipated wait my costume is finally finished! I love everything about it. You can see what an awesome job my mom did on the buttons and what a difference the length of the shirt makes. Before it was nearly as long as the skirt. She also did a great job on the gold trim for the hat.

I am officially set for Halloween! Bring on the parade on Monday!

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