Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Decorating

This year I started wanting to put up the Christmas decorations early. Normally the trees go up the week or even days before Christmas, and we haven't put lights up outside the house in three years, since my dad moved out. This year was different. I put the tree up Monday, and then by Tuesday the Star Wars tree and ladybug tree were up. And Wednesday saw the bird tree go up. Anyway, I'll stop just talking about the decorations and go into putting up some awesome pictures of all the decorations!

Some of our decorations

Yes, there's a picture of me up on that desk thing.

The main Christmas tree
That tree isn't decorated yet, these are all early pictures. It's a 6ft tree.
The Star Wars tree with just a few ornaments on it 
Each year my mom gets the new Star Wars Hallmark ornaments and it gets added to the tree. This year the tree is pretty much officially full so we're going to have to get a bigger tree next year!

One of my new Hallmark ornaments!
Apparently this was a limited run back in July, but my mom still found it!
Another new one!
Yoda came with Captain Rex
And finally.... *drum roll* The completed Star Wars tree!
Next year it will need to be a full size tree
This tree has ornaments that I made when I was little
The ladybug tree
The bird tree (needs more ornaments)
For now that's all our Christmas trees. I'll put up more pictures when the rest of the house gets decorated and when I figure out how to put up videos of my talking ornaments.

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