Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Quick Rant

Today, December 7th 2010, I had tickets to go to the advanced screening in New York City of the Star Wars: Clone Wars episodes featuring and introducing Savage Oppress. Instead I am going to be stuck in two of my least favorite classes taking a useless test that I should have had the opportunity to take last week. But I have to take it this week and miss the advanced screening.

Did I mention I already had tickets? This is killing me. I want to be getting ready to go to the city. I want to see Clone Wars on the big screen. I want to know about Darth Maul's brother since I learned about him back at Celebration V. I don't want to go to class.

I want to be with my fellow enthusiastic Star Wars fans. I want to walk around with a lightsaber and not feel weird for doing so. I hate having to sit in class pretending I'm actually learning something.

I wish I didn't have such good restraint as to skip another of these classes so that I could go have fun.

However, I do hope that anyone who was able to go has a great time!

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