Friday, December 31, 2010

A Star Wars what?

In the past 33 years Star Wars has been out and floating in the mind's of viewers and merchandising rights have been given out to various manufacturers, there have been quite a few interesting and strange things that carry the Star Wars label. Anyone who has seen any part of the Star Wars Holiday Special knows that George Lucas has not always been that particular about what he produces. However, there are some things that even I would consider a stretch. Or just wonder who had the idea to make such random things.

1. Star Wars Hand Warmers

The first thing you might think of when looking at that picture is, "why, that's not a hand warmer, that looks like a USB drive or external hard drive. Or even a new cover for an iPod nano!". However, I assure you it actually is a hand warmer. Apparently, it gets plugged in for a few hours, then voila, you get to enjoy small little heat producing hand warmers. Not sure when they'll be released, though. If you don't believe me, check out the original site here:

2. Jedi Starfighter Bed

Here's something that I can't believe actually got made and yet I would likely sell my soul to own. Of course, I would never be able to bring a guy who wasn't an ultimate fanboy to my house to sleep over if I ever planned on getting any further than first base with said guy. Or, more likely, send him running in the opposite direction. Thanks goes to Star Wars Blog for this awesome bed.

3. Star Wars Playset

I wish I was 6 years old again so I could beg and nag my parents to find this on ebay and buy it for me so I could play with it. I'll have to settle for finding one on ebay for myself and letting my own potential future offspring have fun with it. But again, I still can't believe George Lucas licensed this playset.

For now that's what I was able to come up with for random Star Wars items, as I come up with more I'm sure I'll be able to have more posts like this one with all kinds of random things that have somehow been given the Star Wars label.

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