Monday, December 27, 2010

My Star Wars Christmas

Now that it's after Christmas I can sit back and inventory and catalog my super awesome Star Wars Christmas gifts. This year was a good year for my Star Wars loot. That's because my family who knows me all too well gets me all the coolest Star Wars stuff. Allow me to elaborate:

Quite arguably the coolest and largest thing I received was this book. It's about an inch thick and weighs almost as much as my dog (remember, she's a little thing). It's not like a novel and seems to be more of a coffee table book rather than something on would sit down and read just for the heck of it. That doesn't mean I won't be doing just that, though. So far I've read the first section and it's been fun to read about the things that were going on in the world leading up to the release of A New Hope and I'm looking forward to reading about the kinds of things that went on in between the release of the other movies since that's always something I've wondered about.

Last Christmas when I got my Wii I also got The Force Unleashed for it, but I already had it on Xbox 360 and my PSP so I exchanged it to get another Wii remote so I could play Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels in two player mode. Now I wish I hadn't! I've heard that the graphics and general game play are better on the harder hitting systems of the 360 and PS3, but considering I played the first one on an itty bitty little screen of my PSP, graphics and game play options aren't big on my list of things I look for in a game. Actually, The Force Unleashed II was more fun to play than Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels. There are a number of reasons for that. The first and biggest one that I think is because the motion controls and use of Force powers is just the right amount of button pressing mixed with motion controls. It took me only about 12 hours of gameplay to beat this on normal, and even though I died more times than I was willing to admit, it never hit the point where I felt quite like giving up. I levelled up easily and found a good number of the holocrons and lightsaber crystals without resorting to using a walkthrough. Overall, I give The Force Unleashed II an 8.5 out of 10.

This is easily the coolest winter hat I own, with the possible exception of the one my friend's mom made for me that has the Mandalorian symbol on it. It's so cool that I received it as a present not only from my cousin, but from my best friend who also knew I'd love it. Well, they were right! This is definitely getting worn on my next skiing trip. *Note: That's not a picture of me modeling the hat.

My best friend continually shows she has a firm understanding of my taste. This was another one of the presents she got for me, and along with the above mentioned Yoda hat, probably the most functional. Yes, I have the guts to wear these monstrous headphones in public. Who wouldn't?

I already had the bear, complete with Han Solo costume from when I bought it for myself back in October, but my mom got me the Jedi robes I had wanted so badly but are now sold out at our local Build-a-Bear. Best dressed bear ever!

My friend also got me this really neat lunch box/tin that I plan on using to its full capacity. If I ever need to pack a lunch or snack for school, I know what I'll be using!

Instead my tin, I found more Star Wars goodies! This C-3PO stress ball made me laugh. If only Threepio himself had had one of these to keep his stress levels down while Han dodged asteroids while escaping the Empire...

Inside my Boba Fett helmet tin was also this little furry guy! When you squeeze him he roars. It's really quite adorable.

This was another neat treat from my mom. I still love getting action figures, and you can't argue with more Jango figures! Plus, it was really cool cuz this guy comes with 6 extra little blasters. He's, of course, completely ready for battle. I'm going to have to get more figures that have that game card so I can try out the game it comes with. It seems easy, but with a large amount of figures probably a lot of fun.

That is it for all my Star Wars stuff that I got for Christmas, however as a bonus:

My other favorite Christmas gifts I received from my family. Yes, I've been using that hat and cup every day since Saturday.

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