Monday, July 25, 2011

White Collar Tour

One of my new favorite tv shows is on the USA network and has arguably the most handsome guy on tv at the moment. White Collar is a great show, and now that I live in the city a lot of the time it's neat to see the places they go and realize I know where they are. Which brings me to this post. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of places that Neal and Peter and Mozzie and the others end up at, so maybe the next time you're visiting the city you can check them out too!

  1. Grand Central station - The show usually has a few different shots of Grand Central that they use between scenes, but early in season 1 when Neal was looking for Kate and he figures out her clue about the bottle, he goes to Grand Central to meet her.
  2. Central Park- In the episode "Threads", the second episode of season 1, Peter is sent to Central Park and when I was watching my dvds I recognized immediately where he was thanks to the fact I had been wandering around that area on my birthday earlier this year. Peter is first seen by the Naumberg Bandshell, but he ends up running over to the nearby Bethesda Fountain. It's right on the Central Park lake and a beautiful area so a must see on anyone's tour list.
  3. Queensboro Bridge - In a season 3 episode, Neal and Mozzie are talking (and walking) right along York Avenue between 60th street and 59th street. I pass that on the bus to school every day and I recognized the wall and the area.
  4. Conservatory Gardens - In the final episode of the second season, "Under the Radar" Neal and Peter go to the Central Park Conservatory Gardens to look for Alex Hunter. I know this place is now on my list of places to go visit soon.
  5. Neal's apartment - This is probably the most famous location seen on White Collar since it is seen so often in the episodes, and I now know it's true location. It's located at a different address than is given on the show, but it's still on Riverside Drive. The following site gives more detail, plus the address. It's also on my list of places to go visit:
That's all I have for now but as I go back through the dvds I'll try to find more locations to add to the tour list!

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