Friday, July 22, 2011

More Baby Names for Nerdy Parents

I have a love/hate relationship with coming up with names for characters when I write stories. It's fun to look for new names to give my characters that are unique but still fit in my story. If it fits, I'll sometimes just use names from my favorite characters on other tv shows or books or movies.

One of my most popular posts has been when I compiled a list of baby names for parents who are fellow nerds like myself. I thought it'd be fun to come up with some more names to add to the list!

Again, the point is to pick names that you, as the parent (or writer in my case) are aware belong to a beloved character, while not saddling your child with an obvious name like Anakin or a boring name like Matt. Even if it is the name of the current Doctor.

Girl Names:

Amelia- This name actually serves double duty if you're a Doctor Who fan it's obvious, if you're a Star Wars fan it might not be quite as obvious. It's the name given to Jacen and Tenel Ka's daughter after she is taken in by Han and Leia at the end of the Legacy of the Force series
Alanna- Yet another that serves two separate groups of fans. This is the real name of Jacen and Tenel Ka's daughter, but it is also the name of the Lady Knight in Tamora Pierce's book series
River- Do you think of Tam or Song? Either way it's one of my personal favorite girl's names since I love both characters with this name
Melody- If you've seen the Doctor Who episode A Good Man Goes to War then the reason this name is on here is self-explanatory
Rose- And why shouldn't you name your child after one of the Doctor's most famous companions?

Boy Names:

Rory- For Doctor Who fans, this is an obvious choice, I mean, what better honor than to name your kid for the Last Centurion?
Neal- Ok, this one maybe isn't that dorky, but if you're a fan of White Collar, then you know the name Neal Caffrey is just a really cool sounding name. However, it might be avoided if you don't want your child to become one of the FBI's most wanted
Mickey- No, I'm not talking about the Mouse! I'm talking about Mickey Smith, ex-boyfriend of Rose Tyler and one of many heroes of Earth in Doctor Who
Kieran- Another for the Star Wars fans out there who read. It's the name used by Corran Horn when he first started training to be a Jedi

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