Monday, January 31, 2011

Truths About Myself

It's the last day of the month of January and I found another blog post with some posting ideas. I don't feel like doing one a day since I don't want to write about a lot of them so for this post I'm going to take a couple of the days and mash them together in this post. I thought that with it being the last of the month that it would be appropriate, especially since I didn't do any New Year's Resolutions. In this post I'm going to write about Day 1, Day 2, Day 5, and Day 6. Here we go:

Day 1- Something you hate about yourself.

This one was pretty easy. There are quite a few things that I hate about myself, but it was easy to pick a number one thing because it is the root of all the other things that I can't stand about myself. I'm a HUGE procrastinator. It's my worst trait and I'd be a much different person if I could just get off my lazy ass and get things done before it hits the time when panic-adrenaline-fueled-panic kicks in to make me get things done. For example, I'd get to the gym more, I wouldn't panic over homework assignments due the next day that I 'forgot' about, my beskar'gam would be finished and it would fit me better since I'd have gotten to the gym more, and I'd be a much more productive person in general.

Maybe I should update my 'resolution' so I can try to procrastinate less. I'll start tomorrow. (That was meant to be a joke.)

Day 2- Something you love about yourself.

I had to actually spend some time thinking about this one, whereas the previous day I knew immediately what the answer was since I think about it fairly often. However, I managed to come up with something that I love about myself. I think this is a good exercise that more people should do more often. Anyway, what I love about myself is how I get obsessed over the things that I really enjoy. I've done that since I was little and I've always had my stages. It used to be dogs, then whales and dolphins, then dinosaurs (I thought I was going to go be a paleontologist), then Star Wars and I've been stuck (not that it's a bad thing) ever since. After Star Wars I've had my mini stages that usually involve scifi or fantasy, but Star Wars has always been there and probably will remain that way for quite a while. That's because when I like something or I become interested in it I need to know everything about it so I read, I research, I collect things about what I like and I just keep going, and even though I've left some of my stages behind I still retain a lot of what I learned during those stages and every so often briefly go back to them. It's like saying hello to a friend I haven't seen in a while. Although we don't connect on the same level that I used to, I still enjoy learning about the things that fascinated me when I was little and I probably always will.

Day 5- Something you hope to do in your life

There are obviously quite a few goals I have in my life and many things that I hope to be able to do, but the number one thing I hope that I can do with my life is make a difference. And I'm not talking about solving global warning, or anything that grand. With joining the Naval Criminal Investigative Service I hope that I can just make a difference in one person's life. I don't care if they remember me in particular, I just want to know that by doing the best job I can that it will matter to someone. I'm sure everyone wants to be remembered and hopes that they'll be missed after they're gone but that's not what I'm talking about. I just want to know that if I do the best job that I can with NCIS that it will make a difference.

Day 6- Something you hope you never have to do

This was another fairly easy one to come up with. Considering my career choice of federal law enforcement at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, it was pretty easy to come up with my number one thing that I really hope I never have to do. Though, considering I'll be in law enforcement it seems that it's unlikely I'll avoid it forever. I hope that I never have to shoot and kill anyone on the job, even if it's in defense of someone else or myself. That whole situation is one that I hope I never have to find myself in even though I would hope that obviously I would make the right call and be able to deal with a threat to either someone else or myself. It's easy to think about now, but trying to imagine how such a situation might actually turn out in real life is a daunting thing, especially since it will be like nothing in the movies and tv.

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