Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Plan

In my internet wanderings I found something that looks like fun to go with my blog-verse. A post that discusses things to talk about in posts for 30 days! That should be fun since it has all sorts of ideas for me to talk about the two things I'm really good at talking about: myself and things going on in my life.

I hope that this doesn't chase any of my handful of readers off since there's bound to be plenty of awesome geekiness and scifi stuff in my life. I'm a nerd, remember? It may get a little personal around here, but I hope whoever bothers reading this sticks around to read about all the dorkiness and nerdiness in my life.

I probably won't write about every single post mentioned in the other blog, but I saw quite a few that look like fun to write, so hope you enjoy the randomness!


  1. You better'n me...when I first started my Blogger, I wrote about a LOT of things...but, I have lost steam on that trip. I stick mainly with Twitter Updates, Facebook Posts, and the occasional picture and story on Posterous. OH...and Tumblr also!

  2. Twitter for me is mostly more fun when I find random people that are fun to talk to (like you), Facebook is for my personal friends, and I have yet to venture to Posterous or Tumblr. I like using this blog for when I've got something longer on my mind and need a place to spill my thoughts and because it's fun to find scifi stuff to write about :)