Saturday, October 9, 2010

Too Much Tv

I watch too much tv. This is just a fact of a life, but I take comfort in the fact that this is a recent phenomenon. Up until I started college I had two shows that I watched when they aired on tv and those were Battlestar Galactica and Lost. I watched Lost since the second season, so that maked it my longest watched show on tv. Which is why it is sorely missed now that it's been over for a few months now.

Anyway, back to how much tv I watch. Let me give you the run down; right now of the shows that I watch whenever they are on the air my week goes like this:

Monday: House, Castle
Tuesday: NCIS, White Collar, V
Wednesday: Law and Order: SVU
Thursday: CSI, Burn Notice
Friday: CSI: New York, (and if I'm really in the mood) Clone Wars

There are other shows that are currently filming and won’t return for a few months that I also watch when they air, assuming they don’t conflict with a show I like better: Burn Notice, White Collar, and Dollhouse before it ended.

Now, here’s the shows that I also watch but I catch online somehow whether it be the next day, in re-runs or after an entire season is over and it’s on Netflix: In Plain Sight, Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Law and Order, CSI: Miami and Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

Whew, I’m tired just listing all of them! Basically, my point is I watch a LOT of tv. Something should be done about the number of hours in a day, because it’s hard to keep up! And USA certainly doesn’t help with the number of good shows it suddenly seems to have. And CBS as well (when they actually AIR the shows on schedule). Oh, and there’s also ABC’s contribution. And Fox’s. Though they both recently just dumped two shows that I watched regularly: RIP Lost and 24.

Anyway, that’s about it for my tv watching. There’s a lot of it.

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