Monday, October 11, 2010

My sonic screwdriver

I finally got a chance to order my sonic screwdriver and it came in Friday. Perfect timing, since that's when I got back from Orlando! I thought that for my own amusement (hopefully someone else out there is amused too, but if not that's ok too) I'd take a picture of it in action. Here's me trying to use my sonic screwdriver to deadlock my door in an attempt to keep my mom out.

"Can't you sonic it?"
"It doesn't do wood!"
"Doesn't do wood? That is rubbish!"
"Oy! Don't diss the sonic!"

I guess I should have remembered that bit of wisdom from the 11th Doctor and Rory before I attempted (and failed) to seal my door. Oh well, I can still use it to attempt to keep my computer in line, I suppose...

Otherwise, I'm quite pleased with it! It lights up, makes sounds and it's a pen! Can't ask for much more, I think.

Thanks, ThinkGeek!

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