Friday, October 1, 2010

Back to Orlando I go!

I was lucky enough to make it to Celebration V in Orlando, Florida back in August. Celebration V was the hands down best four days of my life, even the part where I had a massive headache (induced by lack of sleep the previous week thanks to my excitement) and I slept outside on an Army bedroll with my cousin and only a free t-shirt we were given as a pillow. Hey, it paid off; we were among the first 500 people let in to see George Lucas and Jon Stewart.

Even though I was in Orlando for a grand total of 5 days, one night of which was spent at MGM (I refuse to call it Hollywood Studios) for the Last Tour to Endor, I really did not do any of the typical Orlando and Disney related fun things to do. Of course, on the bus ride back to the convention we did pass by a few of my childhood memories of Orlando, like Pirate's Cove mini golf, and the Ripley's Believe It Or Not building, but we were too busy with the convention to spend any time there. This next trip to Orlando probably won't have much more tourist type activities, but I plan on making my dad take me to at least a few fun things. After all, I'll be there for a week and he shouldn't be doing any work on the weekend.

My parent's divorce has made my life hell for the past 3 years but I still hold out some hope that I'll be able to have a fairly fun with my dad, even if this trip is coming shortly after not speaking to him for over a year and a half. Though, if I'm to be entirely honest, I'd rather spend a week with him in Orlando, then spend the same amount of time with my mom in the same place. After 3 years it's easy to see that the only one of my parents who really is trying to change and make things easier for me after 3 years of hell is my dad while my mom is quite content to shove all her misery on me and make it my fault.

I pretty much plan on spending this week in Orlando completely vegging out. I'm thinking about taking my xbox with me so I can play a few games I need to catch up on, plus I'm taking the Star Wars and Burn Notice books that I have out at the library so I have other things to do to keep me amused. There will also be some school work wrapped in there, but I'm only bringing what I absolutely have to do.

The sign in front of the hotel we stayed at for the convention.

The only thing I'm going to miss about not being home for a week? My 7lb ball of love, a Pekingese/Shih Tzu mix named Kara (for Starbuck in the reimagined Battlestar Galacitca). As a bonus, here's a picture!
Kara Reiko
The best part about coming home from Orlando will be that I get to be with my dog again. She always has the best welcoming committees whenever I come home from being out, even if it was just outside for a few seconds.

While I'm in Orlando I might spend some time working on this place and putting up more posts, and maybe even a few of my favorite pictures from the convention.

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