Thursday, January 5, 2012

Le sigh...

I was doing so well with keeping this fairly regularly updated and I had readers and I was getting comments and everything was shiny... And then November came.

November is a rough month because of NaNo as I'm sure I mentioned in one of my previous posts. Not to mention that's when college finals start heating up. Unfortunately this year I did not complete my 50,000 word goal for a number of reasons.

Number 1: I got lazy, plain and simple. And I'm not afraid to admit it. Well, maybe a little afraid but there you go.

Number 2: I absolutely hated the first story I tried to write and ended up trying to start up a new story but because of some personal reasons I ended up hating the second idea more than the first, and by that time it was November 15 and I decided to stop stressing myself out and bow out.

Now, why did I not return to my blog? A little bit of embarrassment perhaps, but mostly finals started to take hold and I decided that the internet distracts me enough without adding my blog to the mix.

There you basically have why I haven't updated in almost two months. I'd like to get back to this, though, so now that I'm on my winter break maybe I'll get back to this.

If anyone is still out there, thanks for sticking around and coming back, and happy new year!


  1. i know how finals are. they suck. glad ur back. hugs!!!! :)

  2. Thanks to all of you! It's nice to know you guys are still reading :)

  3. I'm still here too. Lurking in the shadows!