Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I have a dilemma. On the side of my blog right over there --->
is a big white empty spot. It used to be a countdown timer for Doctor who episodes, but since it appears that BBC America took it down it is no longer functioning. Leaving my blog with a big blank hole in it. I should probably just get rid of the code and the hole would go away, but...

Well, I still am in a bit of denial that there are no new Doctor Who episodes until the fall, and taking down the countdown makes me sad. Even though nothing is there.

So until I move from my denial into another stage of mourning the hole will remain. In memory and hope that Doctor Who will return to us soon...


  1. never really got into doctor who. but know a lot of people who have. i'm sure it'll come back. but remember its always on dvd somewhere. :)

  2. There's an award awaiting u at my blog. :)