Monday, February 20, 2012

Review: Ender's Game

My very good friend recommended for me to read this book and she has yet to steer me wrong so I put it on my list of books to read. Fortunately, my cousin was able to lend it to me using her Kindle to mine. I really enjoyed it so thought I'd go ahead and put up a quick review to entice anyone to check it out.

I'll actually keep this one spoiler free, so even if you haven't read it you can read the review. Basically, it's about this young boy called Ender and he is a genius. So are his siblings, a brother and a sister but Ender is even smarter than they are and he gets chosen to go to battle school. The aliens in this book, called Buggers, attacked earth a number of years ago but were beaten back during their second invasion. The book then follows Ender through battle school as he prepares to fight the Buggers.

I had a little trouble at first when I realized just how young Ender actually is. He is only 6 years old at the start of the story and is described as being small for his age. It took me a little while to get used to the idea of a 6 year old doing such adult things but once I got used to him being a genius I slipped into the world Orson Scott Card created and loved it. Ender is a genius but it's easy to follow along on the way he thinks about things and the way he figures things out about the adults around him.

I even love the twist at the end concerning the aliens and how you're meant to think about them. But I'll leave it at that for anyone interested in reading it. Once I was finished with Ender's Game I quickly went to read Ender's Shadow which I enjoyed just as much, if not more than the first.

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