Friday, February 3, 2012

One Week!

Well, it's February 3rd! To many of you, this date probably means nothing. To me, it means that is is only one week until the release of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace in 3D.

Now, admittedly, this is my least favorite Star Wars movie of the six. Second only to Return of the Jedi. However, because George Lucas has me thoroughly whipped and brain-washed to his will, I will be spending the $10 to see a 3D movie at my local theater. What's more, I'm planning on going to the midnight showing with my cousin and some friends. I might even dress up. 

I love midnight showings, though because that's when all the hardcore nerds go to the theaters. It's all the fans that know how to get along with each other because we're all as hyped up about something that not every understands. We'll all be there with our lightsabers and Star Wars t-shirts and maybe even a costume or two. It's a little bit like the crowd that goes to conventions. The kind of people that I'm the most comfortable around. And that's really why I'm looking forward to going- no judgments. 

So while Episode I isn't my favorite Star Wars movie, and my cousin and I are likely to spend most of the night making fun of whiny little Anakin and Jake Lloyd's atrocious acting and how many different ways to kill Jar Jar, I'll be taking advantage of a large crowd of nerds and geeks to have a great night where we all get to be ourselves. 


  1. I would go, but I have exams (or year is split into three terms, for some reason I cannot fathom).
    Kill Jar Jar for me, will ya? ;)I would really just be seeing the movie for the last duel... I mean in 3D? That would look great!

    But when the original trilogy is in theatres... My nerdy pals and I will OWN that theatre.

    1. We will find many creative ways to kill the annoying Gungan, no worries ;) I have to admit, you're right, that duel is going to be pretty awesome! I'm actually really looking forward to it. The prequels are going to be even better, though, and I can pretty much guarantee that I'll see those multiple times! Saving your money for those is probably the best bet. :)