Sunday, May 8, 2011

Midtown Comics Free Comic Book Day

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day! As I mentioned in another post I was going to be attending with a cosplayer group. Most of the members went to the downtown location but I went to the Times Square one because it was closer and easier for me to get to. I had a really great time just hanging out and talking to some of the people waiting in line and hopefully amusing them. Anyway, all the pictures are up on their Facebook page here. From there you can check out all the photos from their three locations.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one:

Also, I was given a free pass for an advanced screening of the movie Priest which I will be going to on Thursday with my dad. We have no expectations from that movie, but it should be a fun thing to do on an otherwise boring Thursday night.

I am now off to enjoy my free comic books!

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