Friday, May 6, 2011

Free Comic Book Day!

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! That's right, head to your local comic book store and (assuming they're participating, which, if they're smart they will be) they should have a selection of free comic books to choose from! And if they're really cool, they'll be like Midtown Comics here in the city and have a big celebration type thing. And if they're very very cool like Midtown Comics, they'll have people dressed up in costume!

That's right, I'm going to be at Midtown Comics dressed up, because I'm really cool that way. My Jedi costume is 90% finished (meaning it's acceptable to be worn and looks really cool but not good enough for Rebel Legion standards because I'm missing about two things) so I will be there with another group of costumers promoting comics and the store and otherwise just looking really spiffy in our costumes. No, we're not getting paid for it, we're just doing it because it's an excuse to dress up and have a whole lot of fun. When else will I get to take the subway wearing half my tunic and carrying my lightsaber and not feel like a crazy person? Ok, maybe on my way to some other NYC convention, but I don't have any of those lined up.

I've been looking forward to free comic book day pretty much the entire semester! Here's a preview of me wearing most of my costume that I took while I was in Philadelphia visiting a friend of mine.

For anyone wondering, I still have to get my mom to make the undershirt for my tunic (I'm wearing an an inside out Star Wars t-shirt here), she has to make me better pants and the tabards. I'd also like to get new boots for it, but the ones I have for now are fine. They're not shown in this picture.

Anyway, if you're in NYC come down to Midtown Comics and check out all the cool people in costume, and if you're not, still head to your local comic book store and see if they're participating in free comic book day!

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