Monday, November 29, 2010

"I can't believe he's gone..."

Today the internet is buzzing with the news that the director of "The Empire Strikes Back", Irvin Kershner, passed away at his house in LA today. I know this blog will just end up getting lost amid the other blogs and websites and Facebook posts and Twitter messages commemorating him, but that's not why I write here.

It may sound odd, but when I heard (or rather, read) this news, it made me even more glad that I had to opportunity to go to Celebration V in Orlando. Sure there was a lot of general Star Wars excitement going on during those four days, but overall it was meant to celebrate the fact that thirty years later Star Wars is still going strong and to commemorate the fact that "The Empire Strikes Back" is often viewed as the best Star Wars movie. Of course a lot of that credit goes to all the people involved in its production, but everyone knows that Irvin Kershner played a huge role in its success and in a lot of ways that was one of the things that was important at the convention. Although he wasn't there in person, Kershner recorded a nice little clip that was shown before many of the panels, during which he thanked the fans and said how "The Empire Strikes Back" is his favorite movie just like most Star Wars fans. Kershner did an incredible job with the movie and I know that I for one am glad that he was put in charge of its production.

My condolences go out to Mr. Kershner's family and friends. I hope they know how important he was to Star Wars and its fans and that because of that he will never be forgotten.

May the Force be with you, Irvin. Rest in peace.

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